Web Server module, which located in Control Panel, is used for remotely displaying WinTr Screens by using Web Browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox ...etc.
This can be made by specifying WinTr as Web Server. Then Screens can be accessed from any computer that has internet connection by typing http://IP_Address:Port_Number to browser's address bar.
Screen displayed as an Image in the browser. Because of this it can only be monitored without interaction.

When client connected to Web Server, available Web Screens listed first.
Screen'in Internet Explorer'da görüntülenmesi
For displaying WinTr Screens on remote computers, first Web Server feature should be activated then Web Screens should be determined. There is no limitation for Client count when connecting one Web Screen.
Displaying Screen at Internet Explorer
Web Server Properties:

Following conditions should be considered while Sharing Screens over Web:

1-Maximum 15 different Screen can be specified as Web Screen.

2-Web Screens displayed without interaction on the Client side. Therefore Tab Pages and overflowed regions can not be accessed by Client side. So web screens should be designed considering this situation.

3-In Runtime, maximum 16 page can be displayed same time. This number contains Web Screens also. So when a screen determined as Web Screen, maximum open screen count on the host computer is one reduced. For example if 7 screen specified as Web Screen, maximum 9 (16-7) screen can be opened on the host computer at same time. No matter if web screens are accessed or not.

Enable Webserver: Enable Webserver checkbox should be activated in order to configuring Web Server.
Select Webserver TCP/IP Port Number: Port number for the client connections. This number should be added to end of the server address when connecting to server. ( eklenmelidir.
Control Panel - Web Server
Refresh Time(Ms): Determines screen refresh period on Client side.
Restart: Restarts Web server for applying the changes.
Select SCADA Screen For Web Server: Web Screens are selected here. All WinTr Screens are listed here for determining Web Screens among them.
Add Screen to Web Server Screen List: When clicked this button, selected Screen added to shared Screens list. Maximum 15 Screen can be specified as Web Screen. To delete a screen from this list press delete key on keyboard by selecting screen.
Determining Screens that will be shared by Web Server
Bottom image shows remotely connected WinTr Screen
Remotely accessing WinTr Web Server

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Determining Screens that will be shared by Web Server
Remotely accessing WinTr Web Server
Control Panel - Web Server

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