WinTr Toolbar
First launch after the install, WinTr opens with empty project that all buttons are active.
Next sessions starts with the last opened project. In this case New, Open, Login and Runtime buttons are enabled.
Other buttons disabled because of protecting the project from unauthorized access. Administrator, whose user level is 10, should log in to enable other buttons. However unauthorized users can be run the runtime, create new project and open an existing project.

Creates a new project. Firstly, displays a dialog box for saving changes for the open project at that moment.
Then displays Save As dialog box for the new project because project must be saved by specifying a name while creating.
Toolbar Buttons:

New Button:
New button
When clicked save button, project will be created by performing operations that described in save as section.
Open button
Open Button:
Opens existing project. If last session shutdown from Runtime Mode, it will open in Runtime Mode.
Save Button:

Saves the project. Compiles datas on the open windows by closing them. If these datas mistaken, save operation isn't performed.  A message shown which indicates error should be fixed first.
Save button
Save As Button:

Saves the project with different name. This is the most important operation on toolbar. SCADA project uses SQL Server 2005 for several operations. Therefore first step of creating project is creating Database. More than one same named project can be created in different folders. But all database names must be unique. Save As operation produce another database name if same named database exists. Given database name can be checked from Control Panel. Additionally, Save As operation doesn't transfers unused files to newly creating project. There are a many files created for the related to objects that used in project. These files won't deleted even related objects removed from the project. Save As made without these files. So, size of the project reduced. However it does not effect the speed.
Save as button
Displays help pages.

Help button
Help Button:
Project Wizard button
Project Wizard Button:
Displays step by step project creating Wizard.
Provides information related to version and manufacturer.

WinTr Button:
WinTr button
Editors butonu
Editors Menu
Editors Butonu:
Contains a menu that used for accessing the windows which will be used in Development Mode.
Connection Manager: Opens the window that allows creating Tags and configuring their settings.

Screen Designer: Configures scada pages.

Script Writer:  Allows writing scripts to execute them in the Runtime. Scripts can be written in Visual Basic and C# languages.

Alarm Manager: Allows creating and configuring alarms.

Control Panel: Configuration section for Database, Reporting, Printing settings and Server-Client features.

Login Button:

Login button
Opens user/password login dialog box. Only Administrator user exists when new project created. Loging doesn't require password for the first use.
Disconnect button
Connect button
Connect/Disconnect Button:
Visible only when Connection Manager is open. Used for connecting and disconnecting automation devices and SQL Server.
Developmen Mode button
Runtime mode button
Runtime/Development Buttonu:
Switches SCADA between the Runtime and Development modes.
Editors Menu
Save As Window
WinTr Toolbar

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Save As Window

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