Control Panel - SQL Server
Section for configuring SQL Server database.
Historical tag values saved to the SQL Server by WinTr.
When new scada project is created, Database configuration is made automatically with default settings.
If automatically created database will be used, It is not required to make any change in this section.
This section contains settings about if database will be previously-created local or remote or newly created.

SQL Tag Building Prompt
Server Name: Computer address with "WINTR" Instance name.
Login - Password: Username and password for connected SQL Server. Default username is "sa" and default password is "12341234".
Test Connection: Connection can be tested by clicking test connection.
DataBase Listing: Lists databases from the connected SQL server.
Select Database: Database that wanted to use is selected from this combobox. If new database wanted to be created, it's name should be written here then click Create New Database button.
Table Row Count: Indicates row count in the Database table.
Maximum Row Count: Determines maximum row count in the database table.
Clear Database: Clears all data in the database..
SQL Server Recording Time: Determines the saving period of historical tag values.
Check Tag Configuration: Used for determining concordance of the tags in the project and database. It asks for SQL Tag Building if there any incompatiblity.
SQL Tag Building Prompt
Control Panel - SQL Server

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