Example Script : Getting Record Count from SQL Server Database
'This Script connects SQL Server database and gets the record count from a table.
Imports System                         'Importing necessary classes
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Windows.Forms
Imports Microsoft.VisualBasic
Imports System.Data.SqlClient

Namespace WinTr

Public Class MainClass

Private Withevents btn as New Button 'Button is defined. Because of button's click event
                                                'will be used it is defined with "Withevents" keyword.

Private Textbox1 as New Textbox       'Textbox is defined.

       Public Sub Load                        'Load procedure is defining. Script starts working within this procedure.
                                               'WinTr tags should be accessed from this procedure.
                                               'When this procedure finished working,
                                               'WinTr tags can not be reached anymore from this script.

       '------- Script Start Line -------
Dim frm as new form                'Form object defined which holds the interface.
Dim lbl as new label                'Label object is created which contain text.                

lbl.top=65                'Setting Label's location.
lbl.width=75                'Setting Label's width.

textbox1.top=62                        'Setting Textbox's location.

lbl.text= "Record Count"        'Assigning text to label

btn.top= 120                        'Setting Button's location.
btn.text= "Ok"                        'Assigning text to button's text property.

frm.controls.add(lbl)                'Adding Label object to form
frm.controls.add(btn)                'Adding Button object to form
frm.controls.add(textbox1)        'Adding Textbox object to form
frm.height=200                        'Setting form's size

       '------- Script End Line -------

       End Sub                'End of the load procedure

Sub btnhandler(sender as object,e as system.eventargs) Handles btn.click 'Button's event handler is defined.

        Dim SQL_cn As New SqlConnection()        'Database connection object is defined.

         SQL_cn.ConnectionString = "Server=(local)\WinTr;uid=sa;pwd=12341234;database=Project_1" 'Database connection string is generated.
          SQL_cn.Open()                                        'Database connection opened.

         Dim SQL_Ins As String                                'Variable that will contain the SQL query is defined.

         SQL_Ins = "SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Table1"        'Query for getting last record's number is assigning to string variable.

         Dim SQL_cmdnon As SqlCommand = New SqlCommand(SQL_Ins, SQL_cn)    'SQL query object created which contains database connection and query string.
         Dim Last_Value As String                                              'variable created which will hold last record's number        

         Last_Value=SQL_cmdnon.ExecuteScalar        'Query object executed. Returned value assigned to "LastValue" variable.
         textbox1.text=(Last_Value)                'Last_Value displayed in the textbox.

end sub

End Class
End Namespace

                                                                                                                                                                       SQL Connection Script
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Interface that fetches record count
When this script runs bottom window will be shown and record count at the database will be shown in the textbox when pressed to button.

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