Accessing to Control Panel
Control Panel contains main configuration settings for the Scada Project.
It locates in the menu which appears by clicking editors button on the WinTr toolbar.
Control Panel, made up by 6 Tab Pages.

1-  General Setup

Contains a settings about Scripts running options, runtime statup screen, screen tag, user add-remove operations, logoff period and licence information.

2- SQL Server 2005

Contains address settings for database and which database will be used in Scada project.

3- Server & Client

Contains settings for configuring WinTr as Server or Client.

4- SMS & E-Mail

WinTr can be configured for sending SMS and E-Mail for previously specified events(alarm, action).

5- Print Document

Contains settings about document printing.

6- Report Manager

Contains settings about creating Reports.

7- Web Server

Contains settings about sharing WinTr screens through web.

Scada Control Panel
Accessing to Control Panel

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Scada Control Panel

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