Alarm Manager
Section for configuring alarms.

Created alarms will be monitored in AlarmView object in the Screen.(Review AlarmView help page.)

Defining Alarms:

All tags created by user is listed at left side.

Refresh Tag List command refreshes tag list in case of changing tag configurations.

To associate this tags with an alarm, right click on tag name and click Add Tag.

A warning message displayed if already Alarm/Warning associted with this tag. Multiple alarm/warning can be associted with one tag.
Defining Alarm for the Tag
Alarm/Warning should be configured After adding to list.
Value Type: Specifies Alarm's type as Analog or Boolean.

If Analog type selected, Value will examined according to Expression. Then Alarm/Warning activated If result is true.
Hysteresis feature can be used in Analog Alarm/Warnings. Hysteresis is about deactivating alarm/warning. For example we want to get an alarm when tag's value greater than 100. Let's Determine the Hysteresis as 5. Alarm will be activated when tag's value greater than 100 but alarm will be alive until tag's value less than 95. When value goes under the 95 alarm will be deactivated. Thus system will be prevented from creating numerous alarms because of fluctuating signals.

If Boolean type selected, Alarm/Warnings can be created from the bits of numeric values or boolean type tags can be used.

In Type field, alarm type can be determined as Alarm or Warning.

Alarm Message, is explanation for the Alarm/Warning.

Sound On/Off: If this option selected, a beep sound produced from the computer mainboard's buzzer while Alarm/Warning active.
This sound doesn't produced from the speaker. This sound can be stopped by Acknowledge button on AlarmView.
If Tag is Numeric type:

Numeric type tags can be associated with Analog or Boolean type Alarm/Warnings. Floatpoint tags can only associated with Analog type Alarm/Warnings.

If Tag is Boolean type:

Alarm/Warning can be associated for tag's 0 or 1 states if tag is in Boolean type. Expression and Hysteresis fields is disabled for this type.
Activated Function: Opens function window for specifying functions to run when Alarm/Warning activated.

Deactivated Function: Opens function window for specifying functions to run when Alarm/Warning deactivated.

Function Window
Open Screen command can not be used in Alarm functions. A warning will appear if it is tried to be used.

Create Report command runs if screen is open which specified for the report in Alarm Manager.

Alarm Manager
Alarm View
Defining Alarm for the Tag
Determining Tag for Alarm
Function Window

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Alarm View
Determining Tag for Alarm

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